Drinking Bass in Burton-upon-Trent is an incredibly unique experience. Located in the heart of England, Burton-upon-Trent is known as the birthplace of pale ale, and Bass is one of the most iconic pale ales in the world. It has been brewed in the town since 1777, and is still brewed there today. This makes it an incredibly special beer to enjoy. 

The unique taste of Bass is something that many beer enthusiasts enjoy. It has a malty flavour, balanced with hints of bitterness, and an incredibly smooth finish. It is a beer that can be enjoyed by any type of beer drinker, from the casual drinker to the experienced beer connoisseur. With its history, flavour, and smoothness, it is no wonder why so many people enjoy drinking Bass brewed in Burton-upon-Trent. It is a truly unique experience that should be savoured and enjoyed.

Let’s not also forget that although this is a great beer, it’s also an important one as the Trademark that you see on the bottle (The Red Triangle) was the first registered trademark within the UK!

AromaCaramel / Toffee / Nutty
TasteFruity / Nutty
AftertasteBittersweet / Moreish
Overall (Star Rating)5/5 Stars 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕

Thoughts on the clarity, aroma, taste and aftertaste 

Clarity – An amber coloured beer which predominantly shines crystal clear through the glass as soon as you start to pour the beer

Aroma – The caramel and malty aromas reach your nose as soon as you prepare to take that first sip, swirling around the top the glass, the caramel and maltiness improves with each sip and you’ll be left astonished with how good this beer smells. 

Taste – The first texture of taste you’ll be greeted by a very subtle fruit and nut texture, such as a sweet tangy orange. Shortly after taking your first sip that orange texture is then converted into a nutty malty finish which makes this beer extremely quaffable. 

Aftertaste – An almighty bitter-sweet finish which is so impressive, it instantly makes this beer certainly moreish and wanting you to have another glass or two. 

Do we recommend it?

There are several reasons why we recommend this beer, it’s not just down to the fact of it being the first registered trademark, it’s not even down to what the beer tastes like. What it really is a saviour, each time you are going to drink this iconic beer, you are instantly going to be thinking of how historical and well-known this beer has become from 1777 all the way up to this present day. 

So when you are out and about and you’re in that pub and you come across that Red Triangle or if your in that local shop and see a bottle perched on the top shelf, just say to yourself, I am going to try that beer and I am going to toast to the much remembered, Bass Brewery. 

The Burton Bass is a great choice for any beer drinker who is looking for a classic English ale with a modern twist. The beer has a full body, with a subtle hop bitterness, and a rich flavour. The beer is brewed using quality ingredients and traditional brewing methods, making it a great choice for those who are looking for an authentic experience. The Burton Bass is a great beer for any occasion and is sure to please beer drinkers of all types.

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