Hello everyone, I am Luke and welcome to The Cask Connoisseur!

I started this blog up back in March 2020 and in fairness, it was Isobel’s (My Girlfriend) idea! 

I remember she said to me one day, “Luke, Why don’t you start up a blog about beer and whisky, or either about the different beer and whiskies that you’ve sampled so far”. 

I thought to myself “Yes, what a great idea!” 

The Cask Connoisseur was born! 

To find out more information about my blog, click here. 

Anyway, what else can I tell you about myself!

Firstly, I am qualified in IT, as soon as I left school I completed an Apprenticeship in IT Support and successfully passed it, it was quite fun actually because my workplace was at my former high school! 

However, after completing my apprenticeship, I made a decision that basically changed my life, I decided to leave IT altogether and changed my career path! 

I then found myself lucky enough to land a job at The National Brewery Centre as a Barman, this was when my passion for beer started, I took myself on a brewery tour and learnt about Burton’s Brewing Industry, this was then I realised, Catering and Hospitality was the right career for me. 

After a couple of years, I was promoted to Assistant Catering Manager and my responsibility was looking after the cellar, I really enjoyed doing this, I also took my qualification in Cask Beer Management which was awesome! 

Then, in November 2019, I started my new job at Branston Golf and Country Club as a Clubhouse Supervisor, I really enjoy it at Branston, the members are so lovely and I’ve created some amazing friendships between people. 

However, I’ve still got much to see at Branston, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we haven’t been able to run many of our events, hopefully, soon we will able to, once it’s safe!

As I mentioned earlier, I am in a relationship with Isobel and I must say she is absolutely amazing and makes me really happy. During our time off together, you can probably find us exploring some of the most historic sites around the UK, e.g. Calke Abbey, Bolsover Castle, Kenilworth Castle and many more…

I am a bit of a car geek, I love watching Formula One, my favourite driver of all time is Lewis Hamilton, he is my hero! I really enjoy watching Top Gear as well, I’ve probably watched some of the episodes fifty times or more, they still make me laugh though!

That basically sums me up in general, as I say the more posts you start reading on my blog, the more you’ll see how much beer and whisky actually means to me! 








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