Where did The Cask Connoisseur originate?

Firstly, it kicks off the fact that I love beer and whisky, for instance, my home town is known as The Brewing Capital Of The World, how amazing is that!

Furthermore, I’ve always had that wondrous feeling of what certain whiskies and beers taste like, my aim is to try every beer and whisky on the planet, it’s probably impossible, but oh well!

This was when I took the decision to start a blog and my content is divided into whisky and beer reviews, I also focus on providing reviews on certain pubs that I’ve stepped into! However, due to the pandemic, this part of my blog has been halted, hopefully soon once it’s safe I’ll be able to restart this section on my blog.

One thing I want you all to take into consideration is: All beer/review posts are subject to my own honest opinion! You can find out more in the Disclaimer section of my blog!

Why is my page called The Cask Connoisseur?

This is really a simple answer, beer and whisky once brewed and distilled are then racked into casks and the connoisseur is basically me!

Where do I purchase?

Normally, my aim is to try and sample many cask ales that are available in the surrounded area where I live, however, because of COVID-19, I’ve had to change the way of producing my reviews. Currently, I’ve been able to purchase my beers from Brews Of The World, and in favour, I have been providing content on the selected beers that can be purchased from the shop.

What does the future hold?

At this moment in time, my blog is specifically focused on beers and whiskies! On the other hand, as I look into the future, I would like to expand the site and start to include topics such as Wine and Cider. Also, I am potentially looking into doing podcasts and providing my followers with some whisky tasting videos, again these are just some ideas I have!

I am open to accepting ideas from the general public, all you have to do it just email me and I will take your thoughts into consideration!



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