It is with great delight that I can announce that Chris Walster has joined The Cask Connoisseur as its in-house whisky connoisseur. Whilst I have thoroughly enjoyed my solo journey as the cask connoisseur, it is time to take this website to the next level. 

My own personal knowledge and expertise comes from my love of beer, brewing and Burton-Upon-Trent (The Brewing Capital of Britain). It was only when Chris introduced me to whisky back in 2018 that I started to dabble in the whisky world. 

Together I believe we can provide the ultimate beer and whisky reviews, comments and insightful articles. Along with further commentary on gin, wine and other alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) beverages. You will learn about the different flavours, tastes, aromas and even what food pairs best within this website, plus so much more. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Chris and personally say thanks for his help and guidance these last few years and here’s to many more to come. 

Chris’s welcome message below:

Thank you Luke for that welcome and for letting me join you on this journey on The Cask Connoisseur. I’m excited to see where this takes us and can confirm that I do at least know a thing or two about whisky. 

I’ve been a whisky drinker since the 1980’s and have been lucky enough to try some iconic whiskies at a time when they were not necessarily cheap, but certainly more accessibly priced than they feel now. I do have a smallish collection from across the decades, either because I bought the bottle for a specific occasion, or it got forgotten about at the back of the cupboard.


My personal tasting notes run to ~2500 different bottles of scotch, so I’ve easily tried over 3000 different expressions over the years. That is still only a fraction of the number produced annually.

My favourite whisky of all time is probably a Rare Malts Mortlach, distilled in 1978 and bottled at 20 years old in 1998 at 62.2% ABV. Although I suspect my “fond remembrance” has more to do with the location and time it was drunk. I’d love to get another bottle of it and compare. I’d suspect my opinion will be different. 

My current favourite distilleries would be Ledaig of which there are some brilliant examples available at present, Springbank where their 10yo core range bottle hits the spot (if you can get hold of it!) and Glen Scotia who provide a Campbeltown style with reasonable cost and availability. But give me a whisk(e)y from anywhere around the world and the chances are I’ll enjoy it so long as I’m in good company. After all, whisky is for drinking with friends. 

Whilst I know that I do have some favourites, this won’t affect my opinion on any future samples that we try and I will be honest when it comes to the colour, nose, palate and finish.

The Cask Connoisseur is thrilled to have you join!

It’s brilliant to have someone as passionate about whisky as Chris on The Cask Connoisseur, with our two brains (as well as our palates) we can create the ultimate connoisseur on all things brewed or distilled. But for now all I can say is watch this space – there will be some exciting new posts coming your way soon! 

How To Become A Cask Connoisseur

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have an expanding knowledge of a variety of different beers and whiskies, or have you ever thought how one day you could become a Cask Connoisseur just like me and have that understanding of how beer and whisky are brewed, plus how to detect flavour and aroma in both drinks?

Keg Ale Vs Cask Ale

What’s The Difference?

There are specific differences between Keg Ale and Cask Ale, it’s not just down to the flavour of the beer, or ingredients used, it’s also down to the nitty gritty elements of how the beer is brewed and prepared before it is able to be sold onto the bar.

My Top 5 Session Beers To Enjoy All Year Round

That’s nearly another week over and done with, it’s honestly been a super busy one for me, but it truly feels absolutely fantastic to being back at work and doing the job I love. How has your week been, why don’t you let me know in the comments, it’s good to share with each other what we’ve all been doing?

Plus, I am especially interested and keen to know if any of my followers have sampled any new beers, I am always open to try new things and further develop my palate.

Top 5 Beer Styles To Enjoy In The Heat

As we look further into the year of 2021, the summer season is on the horizon and now many pubs with a beer garden are able to function and operate in a safely distance manner, as the COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease, the whole of the UK’s pub industry is hopeful that from Monday 17th May, Indoor Hospitality can resume!

However, this post is not about restrictions or what is happening in the months to come, primarily I am here to deliver a blog post on my personal top 5 beer styles that everyone can enjoy in the sun, whether it’s in a beer garden, a local holiday or in the back garden of your own home!

being healthy whilst enjoying your favourite alcoholic beverage

Good morning to you all, I hope your all having a fantastic week so far and enjoying the gorgeous sunny UK weather, it’s so nice to see some sunshine and not have any rain, especially now that I am back at work! It certainly does feel so good to be back and it’s a great feeling to catch up with all of the members and staff, it’s been a very long five months!

Anyway, before I kick off with today’s post, I wanted to share an update with you all regarding my future content that I am writing up over the next couple of months! Firstly, I’ve taken the decision to postpone future beer/whisky review posts on my blog until further notice, however, you can still check out my latest samples by visiting my Instagram page.

Saturday night, I feel the air is getting hot...

Before I crack on with this post, yes I will admit, it’s Sunday, I know, but the fact is I actually sampled this beer last night and OMG it was absolutely wow, I even started singing Saturday Night by Whigfield, which certainly shows how much I was really enjoying this beer.

Anyway, Happy Easter Sunday to you all! I hope you are all enjoying this four day weekend and enjoying the sunshine. My weekend has been absolutely amazing so far, I’ve really enjoyed going out on my new bike, plus I am really proud of myself that I’ve rejoined my local cycling club!

I absolutely love cycling, I enjoy joining the local club runs and also participating in the Time Trials, to be fair I’ve been doing a lot of training to get myself ready for the upcoming season. On the other hand, you are probably thinking how the hell am I going to keep myself up to date with my beer stash, the fact is I have decided to create a beer calendar that will help me to decide which beer I am sampling each week.

After taking a two-week break just to focus on two beers that were part of my own stash: Spitfire Kentish Ale and Dark Drake! I am now happy to announce that I am returning to my Brews Of The World stash and I am glad to say we are kicking it off with a beauty!

As the weather starts to improve and the sunshine makes an appearance, the fruity and sweet beers that we all totally enjoy sampling start to appear on shelves in supermarkets and also if they were open, many pubs as well.

I’ve mentioned this loads and loads of times before, beers have seasons, in the spring/summer you would expect to find a citrusy and tropical fruit pale ale, whilst in the autumn/winter you would normally find and sample a dark, full-bodied and smoky stout or porter!

This week has been so amazing, I am actually really happy! It is all thanks to a giveaway I took part in a couple of weeks ago and I was selected as the winner. Firstly, I personally have to send a massive thanks to Beer Review Club for organising the giveaway along with Coast Beer Company based in Edinburgh who has supplied the beers.

Secondly, the giveaway prize was a full box (24) of selected alcohol-free beers, I am really looking to sampling these beers and I am excited to bring you a new load of content on to my blog over the next couple of months, so please keep your eyes peeled!

A very happy Sunday to you all, I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend and celebrating Mother’s Day as best as you can for the second consecutive year. I actually remember quite well from last year’s Mother’s Day (which was later on in March), my workplace was meant to be full of families celebrating Mother’s Day whilst feasting into a three-course meal.

Sadly though, the restaurant was empty, pubs were ordered to close and the national lockdown was starting to take effect for the next four months, it was a horrible atmosphere walking in on an empty building, not being able to see all the fantastic customers enjoying our food and having a tremendous time.