The Cask Connoisseur Story

In 2020, Isobel suggested to Luke that he spend his free time expanding on his lifetime interest and knowledge in the brewing industry, a suggestion which he was keen to take up. For Chris, 2020 was the year he realised his passion for whisky was not fulfilled, he was keen to expand and formalise his knowledge gained over 40 years about whisky. Over the next three years Luke and Chris jointly explored their interest in learning about brewing and distilling, whilst Isobel developed her marketing skills further. This prepared the groundwork for The Cask Connoisseur to become a fully fledged business.

In 2023, we decided to take the next step and impart our love of beer and whisky to everyone. After careful consideration and many enjoyable tasting sessions, we concluded that we needed to impart our knowledge with the public, whilst working with the industry through Digital PR to promote safe and enjoyable drinking. The Cask Connoisseur moved from a concept to a business.

To this end, we offer services to industry to improve their outreach through creative marketing, as well as reviewing products and services. To the public, we offer a membership service along with unbiased, simple, black and white information, and reviews of the wonderful world of whisky and beer. We hope this is a journey you would like to come along with us, every step of the way, and enjoy our travels around the UK.

We are open to accepting ideas and comments from all to improve our knowledge, understanding and services. Please feel free to email us and we will take your thoughts into consideration!

Why are we called The Cask Connoisseur?

As a connoisseur you’re an expert in the field, we as The Cask Connoisseur are your conduit that connects both industry and consumers in a changing world. So let’s raise a glass and say cheers!

What does the future hold for The Cask Connoisseur?

At this moment in time, we’re specifically focused on beers and whiskies although we hope to expand into other spirits, wine and cider. Our aim is to provide services that promote your business in a creative way, landing you organic coverage to the everyday consumer. We want to take it to the next level though and ensure that consumers are fully informed and up to date with the latest trends.

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