Hello everyone, it’s been an incredibly long time since I last did a blog post, you’ll probably know by now that I work in Catering and the hours are staggered, so they will be times when I won’t be able to publish posts throughout the week!

However, I have found the time to bring you my next post which has worked out quite well, especially that its a new week!

A very happy Monday morning to you all, I really hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend, it’s been an extremely busy one for myself, I am just looking forward to my two days off now!

I am just ready to put my feet up on the safe and just chill, I am hoping to get out on my bike as well and cycle some miles!

Happy Hump Day to you all, I really hope you’re having a fantastic week so far, it’s crazy to think that it’s nearly the weekend.

You may well remember a couple of weeks ago I did a post on Thornbridge Brewery if you want to check out this post just click here:

Happy Monday Morning to all of my fantastic followers, I hope you’ve all had a tremendous weekend with whatever you’ve been doing!

I must admit I’ve had an amazing weekend, me and Isobel spent yesterday at Calke Abbey which is formed part of the National Trust charity!

It was amazing, we are both feeling tired now after doing loads of walking, but after 5 months of struggling to see each other, it was a lovely feeling to be reunited again.

Happy Friday to you all, another week has swiftly gone by and we can proudly say it’s nearly the weekend!

However, I am also feeling sad but relieved at the same time as I was meant to be going on holiday in a weeks time to Spain, but because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, our holiday has sadly been cancelled.

I am as I said relieved because I don’t feel safe enough going abroad especially that the virus is still around hopefully next year I might be able to plan something if it’s safe!

The post I am going to be writing about today is on the first beer that I sampled from my Honest Brew Best Of British Beers Mixed Case, I didn’t know what to expect, but when I received my parcel a couple of weeks back I was so excited with all the goodies inside.

If you want to check out the Honestbrew website which was where I bought these beers from, you can do so by clicking here.

Any information, that I’ve supplied throughout this post is subject to change due to the COVID-19 Restrictions, but I have outlined the main advantages of what each pub delivers!  

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend, it’s been an incredibly busy weekend for me, but it’s now time to look forward to a new week!

It’s Wednesday and we are edging ever closer towards the weekend, I have this feeling though that the weeks are going by ever so quickly, I mean how are we in July already!

I thought it was only right to bring you a fantastic Public Bar Review post on one of my and Isobel’s second favourite eatery, we’ve been here so many times and have never had a bad experience.

How are we halfway through July already, the year is just flying by ever so quickly, before you know it will be Christmas again!

We’ve still got a couple of months of Summer left, so be sure to keep on trying those fruity beers before it’s time to indulge into those winter warming stouts for the Autumn!

It’s everyone’s favourite day, it’s Friday, and now it’s time for me to get you all into that Friday feeling by bringing you another tremendous post!

I hope you all have had a fantastic week, it’s been super busy for myself as I’ve now officially completed my first week at work, it’s been amazing, I am so glad to be back, I mean let’s face it I love my job!