Hello to you all, the weekend has come round once again, its quite crazy to think we are halfway through the first month of 2021 already!

I would like to say a massive thank you to all of my followers who wished me a Happy Birthday on Tuesday, I had a fantastic day and celebrated it well in Lockdown Style. 

Isobel bought me a hamper which contained traditional bar snacks and two bottles of beer, it was so unexpected and a massive surprise to open up, I can’t wait to try some of the treats that are packed into the hamper, especially the beer!

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a tremendous weekend, I am back once again with another fantastic beer post!

Today, is a very special day for me, it’s my Birthday, so I thought to myself it was only right for me to share a post to you on a absolute magnificent beer that I tried over the weekend!

My birthday this year, I will admit is going to be a strange one, I can’t be with Isobel, I can’t go to the pub, I can’t go out for a Birthday meal, instead I am just going to be at home, and enjoying a couple of beers with my mum and brother.

Happy Whisky Wednesday all!

I hope you’re all having a good week so far and most of all, I really hope you are all keeping safe!

The UK is now in lockdown 3, its clearly not the greatest start to the New Year, but we’ve all just got to stick together, follow the rules and then hope the summer will bring a slight change in normality.

I can gather a lot of my followers are missing that social time in there local pub, enjoying a couple of pints of beer, truth is so am I!

Hello to all of my amazing followers and a very Happy New Year to you!

I am here to send you many happy and successful wishes for 2021, and I dearly hope its going to be a healthy year for you all!

2020 has been a tough year for us with the Coronavirus Pandemic going on, we all haven’t been able to enjoy the things we set out to do and yes the start of 2021 will still be tough, but all we can do is pray and say that we are one day closer of coming out of this mess!

Hello to all of you, its that time of the year again where we’re all really confused on what day of the week it is!

I mean is it Saturday or Sunday today, I can’t work it out, haha!

I hope you all got some lovely gifts for Christmas, I certainly did, I truly couldn’t believe how much alcohol I got this year: whisky, beer, baileys, you name it!

Hello Saturday, its a massive pleasure to see you once again, I mean in my eyes this whole week to me has just flown by ever so quickly!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week, it’s not been too bad for myself, I’ve been doing a lot of walking, but I am missing not being able to work under the current conditions!

Due to my county being put under COVID Tier 3 Restrictions, I am still unable to work, and in my eyes, I am feeling the pain for all of those small pubs and micropubs which are sadly unable to open!

Happy Whisky Wednesday to you all!

Is everyone having a fantastic week so far, we are now down to single figures, only nine days until Christmas Day!

This does make me wonder if I’ve got any Whisky for Christmas this year, I’ll just have to wait and see!

To be honest, I have some amazing whiskies that I am really looking forward to sampling over the Christmas period, especially my sherried collection which is in my eyes the best whisky style I’ve ever sampled.

Hello everyone and a happy weekend to you all! That’s another week done and dusted, and it is officially less than two weeks now until Christmas Day!

Are you getting excited!

I have to admit I love this time of the year, I mean I know this Christmas is going to be a strange one, but listening to Christmas music and seeing all the beautiful Christmas lights just gets me into the spirit.

Wow, so I’ve just realised, it’s been nine months since I started up my own personal blog, I truly can’t believe how quick it’s gone, but one thing I can definitely tell you is that I am enjoying blogging so much, I have to send a massive thanks to my girlfriend Isobel, who insisted I started up my own blog!

At the start of my blogging story, I started off small, I only focused on local beers, then I added more content in, next, came along the makeover, which I did personally spend some money on it, but its all worth it!

It’s the weekend again, I really hope you’ve all had an incredible week, I have got an amazing post here for you which I am sure will help you with this years Christmas Shopping!

It’s time to get into the Christmas spirit!

We can all see now how quick the festive period is now approaching, in 20 days time on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will be prepping his sleigh to deliver all of those fantastic presents to all of the families across the world!