The Cask Connoisseur (We, Us, I) will purposely respect all aspects of Personal Information and throughout this policy page you’ll find out for yourselves how we collect your information and how it is used.

Throughout the policy, when the word ‘You’ is referenced this is to indicate anyone who visits, views and searches this website.

For anyone who wishes to visit, view and search this website, you must accept and agree to The Cask Connoisseur’s Privacy Policy. For anyone who visits The Cask Connoisseur and doesn’t accept The Cask Connoisseur’s Privacy Policy, you do not have the right to have an entry on this website.

What information The Cask Connoisseur collects and how it is used

When you visit The Cask Connoisseur, you may be asked to fill out some parts of your Personal Information, these may include, Name, Age, E-mail Address and Website Address.

When you wish to sign up to The Cask Connoisseur, Follow, Subscribe or wish to make an enquiry on this website, we collect this information, any information that we believe may hard the website or any information we believe is inaccurate, we The Cask Connoisseur will have the right to delete this information.

The Cask Connoisseur may use your personal information for certain purposes such as Surveys, Marketing, Competitions and Special Offers.

Posting Comments on The Cask Connoisseur

Before any comments can be authorized on The Cask Connoisseur, You must adhere to the following principles. The Cask Connoisseur will not tolerate and accept comments which stand out as, sexist, racist, homophobic or abusive. Any comments such as this nature will be unauthorized and deleted straight away and you will find yourself banned from the website.

When you are referring to The Cask Connoisseur’s tasting notes on each item, we will not accept anyone who wishes to cause an argument or dispute on what we believe is correct, opinions are allowed but only in a quiet mannered way.

We aim to make this website fun and enjoyable, we aim to provide some of the most detailed posts for you to read and learn about the history of certain subjects e.g. beer and whisky.

We aim to answer all queries and comments within 24 hours.


When you first enter The Cask Connoisseur, you may have to accept the use of cookies, cookies are small pieces of data that includes a unique identifier that a website sends to your computer hard drive.

When you click onto The Cask Connoisseur for the first time, you’ll have to accept the cookies tab, each time when you clear your browsing data and cookie data, you will have to accept this declaration.

If you don’t agree with the acceptance of cookies, then you may not be able to view all aspects of the website.


The Cask Connoisseur will not accept anyone who wishes to steal any information that is based on the website, this includes, pictures, posts and the unique site address.

The Cask Connoisseur has the legal right to owe the following address:

The Cask Connoisseur will not accept anyone who plagiarises our information if you are found to be stealing, copying or any form of plagiarism you will be banned from the website itself.


Only if you have authorized permission, you may wish to share out any review posts which are published on The Cask Connoisseur.

If you are accepted to share out information on my behalf, this will be mentioned in the Disclaimer section of the website.


If you have any issues regarding our privacy policy, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will answer your queries as quick as possible.

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