There are so many different types of Whisky out there and some are better than others!

Throughout this page, I am going to provide you with an insight into some of the most fantastic whiskies, I’ve sampled over the past year.

There will be:

Link – Single Malts

Link – Blended Malts

Link – Scotch Whisky

Link – Speyside Whisky

Link – Irish Whiskey

In 2019, I met Isobel and she told me her Dad (Chris) had a huge passion for the Whisky Industry, so the majority of my knowledge and understanding has come from Chris.

If you do have any queries or questions regarding the whiskies I have sampled, then please don’t be hesitated to contact me on my ‘Contact Page’.

I hope you are looking forward to my new topic, that I am bringing you to my blog.

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