How To Become A Cask Connoisseur


I find this process fascinating. I’ve never had a good palate, so feel like I wouldn’t be able to judge a beer or whiskey well. Did you find that your taste became a lot more sensitive as you tasted more? Did you have a good palate before starting out? I really respect this process and it’s really cool to hear about!

When I first started drinking beer and whisky, my palate was just basic, I didn’t understand flavour, I couldn’t compare my palate with the tasting notes, but the more I started sampling, the better my palate improved. It takes time, not minutes, not days, but months of practice. 😁

I love your top tips for what goes into becoming a cask connoisseur. It is amazing how educating oneself about something suddenly changes the way we set apart the casual experience from the enriched experience.

I also feel like this advice can apply diversely to people following their passions, which I love!
Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Thank you so much Jaya, I mean anyone can do this, it’s just practice, like they say practice makes perfect, and the best thing I love about judging beer no one is wrong in what they can feel on each other’s palate.

The way you’re able to taste the different flavours and can say how it was made etc, is just incredible! I have no idea how you do it, but as you said it takes time and you build up that skill. Very impressive and very interesting to learn how you went about becoming a cask connoisseur!

Thank you, I do thoroughly enjoy having the swift palate to describe many different flavours. The more you practice the easier it gets 😁

Great post! I would love the become a cask connoisseur, unfortunately I’ve developed terrible headaches post-drinking as I’ve gotten older. Do you have any recommendations for gluten free/low gluten beers and alcohols?

Gluten free beers are so hard to come by, reason being many beers are made with malt and barely. However I can recommend, Old Speckled Hen Gluten Free or if you like ciders, Rekordelig, is also gluten free.

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