Marston’s Brewery (Part 1)


Great post, it was really interesting to find out the history and how they have grown!

Thank you, there is so much to tell but you’ll have to wait until part 2 😊

I’ve had Marstons’s EPA a few times, and enjoyed it very much, it was very refreshing. But I had no idea there were so many varieties on offer – can’t wait for the pubs to re-open again, haha! Very interesting to read all the history too, thank you 🙂

Thank you very much for the feedback, yes I’m missing my Pub night outs 😫 I love Marston’s EPA, tried it a fair few time’s 😁

Bet you can’t wait for the pubs to reopen! A really enjoyable read, not something I’ve had before though – having said that I’m looking forward to part 2! x

Thanks for the reply, Yes I can’t wait hahah, Part 2 will be just as better xx

This is all so interesting, lots here that i never knew, makes me miss the pub hahah!

Thank you 😊 part 2 will be coming soon 😁

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