Modwena Oatmeal Stout – 4.8ABV


This sounds like a beer I would genuinely love! Although stouts aren’t necessarily my first choice. Thanks for sharing this review x

Honestly this beer is absolutely amazing, it’s really beautiful and so sweet 😁

The map feature is a great addition and even though I don’t drink beers lately, but this seems like an amazing beer. Great review!

It certainly is, tastes fantastic 😁

The head on this one sounds so good!

Thank you, it’s certainly a beautiful beer 😁

I was never a fan of beer and this kind of alcohol before I stopped drinking but I know lots of people like it. very useful post for drinkers! Siobhan ♡ | Vegan Babe Life

Thank you, to be fair just seeing your blog title, a lot of beers are starting to become vegan friendly know as well 😁

They are! Which is brilliant! 😊

Great post! I love your descriptions and the history. I know my husband would love this beer, and I think I would too! The last time I tried stouts several years ago, I wasn’t a coffee drinker; now I think I’d really like them because I drink coffee daily, and I find the tastes similar. Would love to try! Thank you for sharing.

Yes you are quite right about stouts and coffee, a lot of stouts have those delicate flavours of chocolate, coffee and cherry brewed into the mixture. I would certainly recommend this beer 😁

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