Spitfire Kentish Ale – 4.5% ABV


I enjoy trying new beers 🍻 on the market, i cant keep.up with the many different flavors and alcohol content. Will definitely be on the search for the Spitfire Kentish Ale.

It’s such a classical British beer and one which I certainly recommend for people to try 😁

The minute I read this makes a good accompaniment to Sunday roast I was hooked! I am not a big fan of bitter beers so it was lovely to hear this is more sweet and that the dry peppery finish is fleeting.
You have to love birthday gifts you savor down the road. 🙂
Thanks for sharing!

I do agree with you on terms of the bitter statement, sometimes if a beer is to bittery it can be overpowering! But what I enjoyed about this beer was that it was smooth and easy going and certainly a remarkable drink 😁

I’ve never heard of this before! A fermented malt sounds interesting.

It’s certainly a fantastic beer, which has been brewed with lots of flavour 😁

My boyfriend tried this recently and really enjoyed it. I love your honest reviews but I would looove to get to a beer festival asap!


I can’t wait to try it again to be fair, it’s an amazing beer with enormous amounts of flavour 🍻

Enjoyed this read. I know Spitfire well as I’m originally from Kent and I like to look out for this when I’m back in the country. I also like the Whitstable Bay pale ale by Shepherd Neame. Cheers!

It’s a cracking beer, I will admit I haven’t tried the Whitstable Bay Pale yet, it’s on the list though!

Each time I happen upon one of your posts, I just want to sit and drink a beer with you and listen to you talk all about the history behind it and why the beer itself is so good. It’s so fun to read these articles. I’m a bit picky when it comes to beer and I find it hard to enjoy a lot of them, due to my allergy to oats, but this amber ale really does sound fantastic. A sweetness with some bitter flavors poking through?? Mmm it would be good with a roast, you’re right!

I would really struggle if I had that allergy. I’ve not thought of that before so I will have to keep my eyes peeled for oat free beers. Thank you and your definitely right about the roast.

Never heard of spitfire, but I’m guessing it’s what my older cousins would want to drink haha. Lovely read! Thanks for sharing xx


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