Abdominal Stoneman (7.0% ABV)


This is a lovely beer, whether from bottle or on draught. To my palate at least, it doesn’t taste quite as powerful as you’d imagine for a 7% ABV ale. The first mouthful does taste very alchoholic but this subsequently becomes less dominant and the beer is deceptively easy to drink, unlike the similar Titanic brewed Wreckage which tastes and feels much more of a heavyweight all the way down the glass despite only being fractionally stronger.
As an aside, Lymestone brew a vast range of seasonal beers over and above 6 or 7 regulars. Many of these are available in bottle directly from the brewery and on draught from the adjacent brewery tap, The Borehole, which I can highly recommend. Of the regular beers, Cherry Stone (cherry flavoured) and Stone Dead (stout) are superb.

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