Marston’s Brewery (Part 3)


The Cumberland Ale sounds appealing to me. I’l need to look for it! (Their Hobgoblin label is worth teh purchase, just to steam off the cool label)

Have you tried their IPAs?

Thanks for your comment, I’ve only tried Hobgoblins Ruby beer which I liked, never tried there IPAs do you think it’s worth it 😁

It’s great to hear that even though they started off small, they have grown so much! Sounds like you really enjoyed it as well, and hopefully, when all of this is over you can go and try some more of Jennings Beers x

I can’t wait, it’s just a long drive up to Cockermouth, so would probably have to do it when I drive. But yeah it’s a great little place 😁 xx

Interesting post! Will definitely have to give their beers a try haha. Also very strange to think about using horses to transport the barrels. Seems obvious but it’s never crossed my mind before!

Thanks for your comment, it was sadly the only 2 modes of transport that could be used, you think how much beer is in 1 barrel but to have 6 on a dray was hard work for the shires, but they managed it.

That looks like such a great brewery! Thanks for sharing all about it! I cannot wait for when we can all go back and visit our favorite breweries again!

Thanks for the comment, Burton Upon Trent is full of them, just missing going out for a tipple of beer in the pubs 🙂

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