Alcohol Christmas Gift Ideas 2020


I love the little sampler bottles and the whiskey exchange. Thanks for these great ideas!

Some fantastic ideas here for Christmas Shopping, and all are very good bargains and you get some lovely surprises inside 😁

This year we went with sending M&S alcohol/food hampers to family back in the UK as they just looked so good and the quality of them is usually guaranteed. I like the various types of alcohol you’ve included here and I think some of the flavoured gins available now make great gifts!

Yes I did see some of the hampers available on the M&S website and they are quite costly but to be honest the hampers are jam packed full of items. Gin is becoming so popular now it’s unreal!

So many pretty bottles here! I love the pink gin. We just finished a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream (so good), so I want to try those crackers now. The red wine and cheese basket set also looks a perfect gift. 🙂

There are some amazing gift ideas that you can buy, I totally love them all! I do love a good Baileys and red wine at Christmas.

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