Newcastle brown ale (4.7% ABV)

Newkie 1

I’m thrilled that I can actually get one of your reviewed beers over here in Canada! Newcastle is very enjoyable and I’ll look for it again on my next trip to the store. Many thanks for the background and review, cheers!

It is a remarkable beer and I am so happy to see it being distributed around the world, just shows what a marvellous beer this is with a fantastic background 😁

My dad’s all-time favorite beer — and one I’ve actually had before in the US! This is a solid beer choice and a good fall-back no matter where you are. I had no idea it had been around for so long and had such a rich history!

What do they call it over at the states?

It’s crazy to see this beer being so popular not just in the UK but around the world! It is a remarkable beer with so much history to it 😁

I love this article. To be fair, the so called New Castle Brown Ale being sold in the United States is not the Original. Laganitas reimagined the iconic brand and the result is a horrid knockoff swill! Shame on Laganitas for dishonoring this noble brand and shame on Heineken for allowing it!

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