arran – Sherry Cask (The Bodega) 55.8% ABV

arran 4

Whisky Wednesday – I like that. I way to celebrate being over halfway done with the workweek.

It’s always been a tradition on whisky Wednesday, we always have a glass of whisky to celebrate it 😁

Good review. Although, it’s a lockdown, at least you guys enjoying the year at home. Have a great week!

Thank you for the review, I’m just happy I can try different drinks whilst being at home, this one was a cracker! 😉🥃

Celebrate in style, I always say, be it with a jumper or a smile or both!
I love that this is another sherried whiskey; the hints of sweet spice and oak sound divine. 🙂

You seriously can’t beat a sherried whisky throughout the holidays, it’s absolutely gorgeous! 😁

Whiskey! I recently did some research on bourbon and found a brand that I like. This one sounds worth a try! (I hope they carry in the the US.)

There is some good brands of bourbon whiskies out in the world, I believe they do, whisky is found all over the world 😁

First of, let me say I am sorry your part of the world is having to go through yet another lockdown. I’m praying this will al end soon for the entire world. Secondly, wow, the way you described the whiskey made me so hungry, hahaha! I have never been into whiskey but this one, I definitely want to give a try. Also, such great history behind it.

Let’s just all hope and pray we are one day for getting out of this mess, we’ve just got to stick to the rules! It’s a fantastic whisky, I absolutely loved trying this over Christmas. It was amazing! Thank you for your amazing kind words 🥃😁

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