Burton Bridge Porter 4.5% ABV

burton porter 3

Happy new year! I’m honestly not a huge fan of porters but have tasted a few recently from a beer advent pack. Porters are definitely growing on me and I’d love to give this one a taste!

Thank you, it’s one of those style of beers either you like them or dislike them. I rarely drink porters to be fair, but I absolutely loved this one 😁

My husband loves his porters, especially this time of year. I’m not usually as interested in porters or stouts, but he has sold me on a few of them, so I’m always willing to try a new beer once before passing any judgement! lol

Some porters are absolutely amazing, just like this one it has enormous amounts of flavour, it’s why I loved it so much 😁

Oo, I am almost more envious of the fact you had Christmas pudding than the delicious flavors in this drink! I love Christmas pudding; it is so moist, though we often eat our candied and rum-soaked fruit in stollen.

This beer sounds like a liquid version of the pudding! 😆

Yes this beer certainly matched my girlfriends Christmas Pudding. I never used to like Christmas pudding but now I love it 😁

Never tried it, got some bottles in from the Derby brewing company, and the Dancing Duck brewery to sample over Christmas

They’re two very good breweries indeed. Hope your well mate! And happy new year.

Anything with a hint of chocolate taste has to be good right?! I love that the bottle labels have a vintage look to them. It makes them really stand out amongst their competitors. Happy New Year.

Of course it does, sometimes more chocolate is better 😂 The label just makes it more appealing to others, it’s why it’s so truly popular.

It’s great to find local beers that do well.

This is one of the many local beers that I completely love 😊

I love your beer reviews – there’s so much more to beer than many people realize

Of course there is, it’s not just a mixture of water! It’s the history and story that it delivers. That’s the most important feature 😁

I will sure give it a taste!

Happy New Year! This sounds like an intriguing one to try. I’ve never really been one for porters, but I really enjoying trying the Northern Monk Christmas Porter as part of a virtual tasting in December, and would definitely be keen to check some more out. Will keep this one in mind – thanks for sharing!

I dont tend to try porters that often, but this one was absolutely perfect, and really sweet!

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