Ashbourne Ale 4.0% ABV


This sounds like a great beer. I don’t drink ale very often but my brother in law is always looking for new ones to try so I will suggest this one to him.

It’s honestly a fantastic beer, If he loves his bitters then he will certainly love this 😁

Hi Luke. Despite the passage of (lots of!) time, I’ve never really moved on from what I drank in my teens and 20s – mostly lager and the occasional cider. I’ve had periods of drinking bitter but never really stuck with it. Is Ashbourne Ale the drink that will finally convert me? 🙂

I wouldn’t worry to much. I still love a drop of lager now and again. But this bitter was so good and delicious. I really enjoyed it so much 😁

I love all things bitter so this sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the review!

I sometimes think when a beer has to much hoppy bitter flavours, the beer just has that lack of personal touch. But this beer was outstanding 😁

Nice blog

Thank you so much, I really did enjoy doing this write up 😁

I admit that when I read ‘leatherbritches’,’ I initially left out the R! Fun company name. I sure would love to smell the aroma of these offerings. Thanks!

Haha, can easily be mistaken. It’s honestly a tremendous beer, I really enjoyed it, the flavours and aromas were outstanding 😁

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