Czar’s P2 Imperial Stout – 8.0% ABV

p2 stout 1

Yes another great beer! I’ve been drinking more full bodied and strong beers lately. Expanding my beer palette. It’s always interesting to read about breweries and beers from around the world. Cheers!

This truly is an amazing beer, to be fair majority of the strong and full bodied beers I’ve tried have been amazing. But the P2 is just perfect. Their is so much out there in the world, if I could try everything I would, might take me a while though. Cheers 🍻

This beer has so much history to it! How interesting.

Thank you so much, it certainly has indeed 🙂

Beer goes well IN many beef dinners so any beer you can drink with dinner as well is to be highly respected. Love that this leaves a creamy mouthfeel and is rich in flavor and scent!
Brews of the World sounds like a place to find many a -more favorite drink. 🙂

Your perfect right there, you could put any beer into a beef dinner and it would still taste perfect. It’s so gorgeous and sweet and there is enormous amounts of flavour. I absolutely love brews of the world it’s one of the most amazing places which stocks some of the finest beers 😁

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