being healthy whilst enjoying your favourite alcoholic beverage


A brilliant post this is! Very personal, so thank you for sharing your experiences. It’s good to be real and write about something that other people would be able to relate to. We can all get in a bit of a slump with exercising and particularly with all these lockdowns it can be hard to find the motivation. But you did it, and you found something that you love. Keep at it and enjoy those beers/whisky when you do drink 😀 xx

Thank you so much, yes I’m certainly impressed with myself how I can keep a balanced active lifestyle whilst still enjoying an alcoholic beverage 😁 xx

Finding that balance is really key to having an active lifestyle!

Has made me think how much I enjoy cycling. Only gently around country lanes enjoying the scenery. Maybe stopping at a pub or cafe for refreshments, or taking a picnic. Here’s hoping to a wonderful summer 🙂

Let’s hope so 😁

Time Trials sounds cool, I like a competitive edge to exercise, otherwise I get bored easily. Definitely deserve a beer after doing something like that as well.

Yes I will agree with having at least one beer but not to many otherwise you’ll just pile the pounds back on!

I’m happy that you’ve found an activity you love that also happens to be great for cardiac and mental health! I’ve become quite a yoga fan though it’s not checking the cardio box. Maybe I’ll need to find myself a bike! Thanks.

Yes I love my cycling, but I’m balancing my cycling life as well as enjoying a beer/whisky now again 😁

I love cycling, but it is tough where I live off a gravel road. The parkway a few miles away makes for much better terrain and offers some beautiful views of the mountains without being too flat. Love that you are getting back into cycling! Sure, we get hit with setbacks and new loves and have to learn to rebalance all over again, but it is the doing and the how we do it that counts.
Thanks so much for sharing your story!

I would love to cycle in the USA one day, once we are COVID secure 😁 I really appreciate your comments, and I am
Totally so happy to be back into something I love 😁

Great way to start off your new posts! I used to be an avid bike rider but stopped due to college and not having others around me who did the same. I’m inspired to get my bike out of the shed and take it for a ride!

You should do it, I realised a couple of years later after selling my old bike on how much I missed it. Now, I am relieved that I’ve got myself back into it 😁

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