Saturday Night’s Alright – 4.5% ABV


The brewery went to town with the design of this label. This sounds a bit more on the tangy and fresh side. It makes for a great summer drink.

It certainly is ideal for a summer drink I totally agree with you 😁

I must admit that I”m not a fan of sours, either, but this one sounds mild enough for me to expand my palate. Love the name. Thanks so much!

Even my partner said it tasted amazing and she doesn’t even drink beer either 😁

A raspberry lemonade sour?? This sounds like it was made just for me lol. I had a new cherry sour this weekend and it had me thinking of summer!

Cherry sour sounds absolutely amazing, I really hope it tasted gorgeous 😁

I am not a beer drinker (I know!!) but there is something fascinating about reading someone’s thoughts on it, and this post was the one! I love the can design, if that can be a take away from it – I used to collect empty cans and fill them with plants!

What a clever idea to use empty cans as small plant pots, love it! There is nothing wrong with not liking beer, in order to drink this you have to be prepared to enjoy something very soury.

Lemon and raspberries in this sour drink are singing Easter vibes to me! The name of this is also making me chuckle.
I, unfortunately, live in the mountains off a gravel road so do not get about cycling as much as I would like to but, in beautiful weather, there is nothing like riding in the sunshine! 🙂

I’m appreciated that the flavours are inspiring to your palate. Definitely a drink you would really enjoy 😁

What a unique name! Would love to try this with my cousins in the weekend. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you, it tastes fantastic and very sweet with a hint of sour 😁

Sounds very interesting. I’m not a huge fan of sours but I’m really willing to try anything beer wise. As Canada warms up in spring and into summer, I’ll look for beers like this and other summer type beers. Cheers and thanks for write up!

Thanks Mark, Yes sour beers are certainly becoming more popular now in Britain as the weather starts to improve!

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