Bridge Bitter – 4.2% ABV

bridge bitter 2

Thank you glad you are enjoying the beer and hopefully it will be back on at Branston Golf club

Looking forward to seeing it again back on at the club 🍻

This beer sound so intriguing with the bitter flavors mixing into the sweet. I never would have guessed it, based on the name. Maybe someday I can give this gorgeous brew a go! Nice pic. Thanks!

Thank you, yes it’s certainly a gorgeous beer, packed full of flavour, and plenty of bitterness. Very enjoyable indeed 😁

I never heard of this brewery and really liked that you added a bit of history behind! It sounds like a beer to try with a mix of sweet and bitter flavour notes! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Thank you, it’s honestly such an amazing beer, I really couldn’t believe how beautiful it tastes. I’m so looking forward to trying some more of it in the future 😁

Love that you decided it was time to try something totally different. Sweet beers have their experiences and more bitter beers offer another; love that this one was still good to the tongue. 🙂

I’ve always felt when it comes to drinking beer, you have to try different styles, yes I totally love sweet beers, but I fancied a change and the tip paid off 😁

We missed going out as well. The way how you presented the beer is amazing. Trying new stuff is good sometimes you get better tasty beers.

Hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy a pint in the pub soon, it’s always good to try new stuff just to mix it up abit really.

I miss going out and having a beer on a sunny afternoon! This beer sounds perfect for my boyfriend, he loves when they’re butter!

Hopefully it will happen soon, yes bitters are absolutely fantastic, so many different flavours which is what I love 🍻

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