Castle rock brewery


It’s good that Nottingham isn’t too far away, so that definitely sounds like a good day trip out (once things are safe of course). The Harvest Pale does sound nice, even if I’m not a huge beer fan… enjoy the rest of your week x

It would be good to venture out to Nottingham when it’s safe and yes The Harvest Pale is indeed one of my favourite beers from this brewery. 😁 x

What a brewery indeed! It is amazing to learn of the stories behind places like this; passion carries forth so many good things. Sherwood Reserve and Screech Owl sound interestingly delicious!
Thanks for sharing. 🙂

For saying how small they started off and to where they’re today is impressive. Does show if you put your mind to the challenge, then you can achieve anything 😁

The Harvest Pale sounds perfect to me about now! I’d love to try the stout too. Thanks so much for the enlightenment!

Yep I can gurantee Harvest Pale is my favourite so far 😁 I would also like to try the stout as well, be perfect for this time of year!

You have described the brewery in such an interesting way that I felt have a live tour just by reading and looking at the photos.. As I do not drink very often and not a beer fan, still, I will go for Harvest Pale. Stay safe, and take care.

Thank you so much, it makes more sense to do a virtual tour because we can’t move around the country currently. I am very glad you enjoyed it 😁

Thanks for such a wonderful article on Castle Rock Brewery. I will select Harvest Pale. Cheers.

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