tomatin 2009 (10Y) highland scotch whisky 46% ABV


Sounds like an outstanding whisky. I also enjoy hearing about the background and history of the distillery too. A trip to Scotland is a must when this pandemic is over…

It’s an amazing whisky Mark, I can’t wait to take a trip up to Scotland and see all of these fantastic distilleries.

Bet that set you back a few quid! Looks and sounds incredible.

About £50.00 I believe!

Not to bad to be fair.

I love that you have done a whiskey review! Whiskey comes in so many flavors and ages and is always a delightful drink, especially if it is perfectly balanced and flavors. For that reason, the way you describe the taste of the drink always connects with me. 🙂

Aww bless you, I do adore my whisky, all types, some are brilliant, some are good, any many are okayish!

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