Crumble In The Bronx – 4.8% ABV

crumble 2

For some reason, sour beer seems appealing to me…

I don’t mind them, not my overall style of beer that I could drink all the time. I enjoyed this sour beer, it was pretty decent and the sourness wasn’t to powerful!

I do not mind a little sour if imbibed at the right time and perhaps with the right meal! Sourness is a lovely contrast to overpowering flavors, so I love that this was not only beautiful to look at but also the perfect balance of sourness. 🙂

I’m in mixed emotions about sour beers, I mean I’ll happily drink it if it’s balanced but if the sourness is overkill, I really start to dislike the beer unfortunately. This beer was really enjoyable though 😁

What an interesting beer! I’ve never been a big fan of super hoppy beers, but there have been a handful of sours that are exceptions – so maybe this would become one of them. The flavors certainly sound enticing if nothing else. I’ll have to try it at some point!

Yes it was definitely a match made in heaven to be fair. But I would say is that the beer was just balanced perfectly and not to over powering 😁

I have never heard of a sour beer, but the next time I’m at a tasting I will definitely look for one! Thanks for sharing your experience!

They’re becoming more popular as the craft beer market is becoming one of the leading competitors in the alcohol industry. There’s so many to choose from, different flavours and tastes 😁

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