Draught Burton Ale (4.8% ABV)


Can’t wait for social distancing to end to try out some of the beers and ales that you have mentioned!!

Same here as well, I am having to stash up on my beer at home currently.

I have given up drinking for Lent but I can hear the sweet song of my whiskies and a few brewdogs.

I was born in Burton, the importance of beer has been drilled into me 😂 My godfather worked at Marstons and would bring a case of beer with him when he visited, great guy 😂 I remember trips to the Bass museum as a kid.

I’m too young to have tried the original DBA, I’ll certainly be trying the new version when the chance arises.

It’s a pleasure to receive a comment from you, as myself I am from Burton. I’ve been to Marston’s and to the Bass Museum, I used to work at the Bass Museum a couple of years ago. Thanks for your comment very appreciated 😊🍻🍻

Great post – feel like I’ve learned a lot. It’s great to see that it came back in 2015, otherwise, it would have been a shame if it didn’t and it certainly sounds like you (and Boris) enjoyed it! x

Thank you so much, it is a marvellous beer, I love it x

I’ll definitely be trying out some of these beers as soon as social distancing has ended!

Thank you for commenting, I love my beers 😁

I’m really loving your beer posts, it’s fascinating to read the history behind a brand that we see so often in pubs but never really think about. Also, great pic of Geoff and Bruce! 🙂

Thank you so much, I think that what makes a beer so special the history it brings is amazing 😁

I was all with you til I saw the pic of the two Berxites at the end..
then my stomach turned over…

When I was a lad I collected glasses in a social club in Preston. The landlord knew his stuff and had Burton Ale on fraught. I have never had a better pint for 37-ish years.

When are you going to start getting Burton Ale into North Bristol pubs especially Winterbourne and Frampton Cotterell areas. I’m sure it would do a brisk trade in these parts. Fabulous Beer.

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