Marston’s Brewery (Part 2)


Yes I’m not sure your partner would appreciate moving next to a brewery haha! Another great post though I look forward to reading part 3 x

Many thanks, part 3 will be coming soon x

I can smell the aroma from here! I’ll need to see about picking up some beer, now! Thanks.

Thanks for the comment, I love the aroma smell, I live 10 minutes away from Molson Coors in Burton and I can always indulge on the aromas 😁

Although I don’t typically drink beer I do enjoy going for the tasting experience. I like all of the background information you provided and yes it is sad to see the pictures of the demo. Glad you enjoyed your experience!

Thanks for the comment, tasting experiences are fantastic, the demolition was sad but they have come back stronger now which is good 🍻

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