Keller Pils 4.8% ABV

keller pils 3

This is a fantastically comprehensive review – hopefully they’re not so lost anymore, having founded a brewery. You might be interested to check out my recent post on how COVID restrictions have impacted pubs and the hospitality sector. Have a merry Christmas when it gets here!

Thank you Tom, it was really interesting searching up this brewery, it’s such a marvellous place 😁

This is a really great review. It sounds like such a flavoursome drink. I’d definitely like to try it myself.

Yes it is hugely popular by many of my followers. I need to try it again because it was so good 😁

Sounds like a great place and a great beer. The Pils is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing,

Very rare to find this Pilsner beers in the UK, but this one is a total cracker, absolutely magnificent 😁

Hi Luke.
Yep, Christmas is well and truly on the way 🙂
Another great write-up, thanks. I have a couple of questions, if I may:
1. Which more well-known/mainstream drink would you say that this most closely resembles?
2. How widely available is it?

Thanks for the comment, that top question is a tough one. In all honestly, if I had to pick something, I would say something like a Offshore Pilsner by Sharp’s Brewery. It’s mainly available in Waitrose’s or can be purchased off the brewerys site. 😁🍻

Great, thorough review! I will have to see if they have this beer in the States

It might be available in the states but I can’t gurantee it.

People who know what they want to be and spend their lives making that dream come true put their passion into their creations and so fill up a beer like this with flavor. It sounds like a wonderful blend of tastes without being overwhelming! 🙂

I really do love it how beers deliver a passionate story, it just creates a historic moment 😁

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