Glendronach 15-year-old revival 46% ABV

glendronach 3

I’m usually only a fan of heavily peated whisky (like, Octomore….) so tend to skip over the less peaty posts but this was fascinating! Love the history notes.

I don’t mind the odd peated whiskies now and again, Port Charlotte 2011 Islay Barley is my favourite peated whisky as of yet! Thanks for the comment, it’s really intriguing with how much history there is 😁

Hi Luke. This sounds very appealing. Unlike Zoe, I prefer the non-peaty drinks so I’ll keep an eye out for this one. Thanks for the write-up.

Thanks Richie, yes this is a classic whisky heavily sherried 😁🥃

Love the sound of this one. I’m not massively keen on overly peaty whiskies, I’ve requested some sherry cask whisky in my Christmas list.

Some great history in this post, was an interesting read.

Some peated whiskies are okay but others are to strong, but yes I do love sherried whiskies. I hope you get a fantastic bottle for Christmas 😁🎄

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