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Glad to see a new post from you! I really liked reading about several of the different Sharp beers and would wanna try the Atlantic or the Wolf Rock first. They both sound really good. The coconut stout sounds really interesting and original too!

Sharps brewery is a fantastic brewery and to be fair I’ve tried majority of there products, due to it being owned by Molson Coors which is based on my hometown of Burton Upon Trent, majority of the ales are available here so I’ll always indulge into a Doombar if I get chance 😁

This was fun to read. My husband is a craft beer blogger here in Canada (, so we visit a lot of different breweries here. I love hearing about locations in other areas around the globe. We haven’t been to the UK but would love to some day in the near future.

The UK has some fantastic breweries and microbreweries and the country does brew some tremendous real ale, I’ve never been to Canada but I would love to at some point and see how the beer is different to ours 😁

My, these all sound like beautiful beers with a lovely range of nuances and flavors, but the Doom Bar connected with me most since I love a hint of sweet in my drinks. 🙂

I also nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Further details at

Yes they are very good beers, I particularly like Wolf Rock and Doom Bar, I’ve got Doom Bar low alcohol at home as well that I need to try. Thank you so much for the nomination 😁

I do like myself a Doom Bar, especially when on holidays down in the south west 😃

Adam, I like your style here mate, I am partial to a Doom bar when on holiday, either from the cask or bottle, whats your favourite!

Always the cask, I sometimes buy bottles up here, but from the cask down there is 👌

I am going Cornwall now… haha, got more posts coming soon mate, got a beauty coming tomorrow,

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