The Swan With Two Necks


This looks so lovely, the food sounds so good, the decor is like no other pub i’ve seen. I found one in Skipton called the Woolly Sheep Inn, i’d recommend it!

This place is lovely and very crisp, I’ll have to look out for that pub 😁 be good to explore somewhere different 🍻

Yet another great pub to get to and enjoy when practical to do so. Thanks for sharing

Cheers Mark it was a fantastic day and made even more amazing after visiting this pub 😁

This sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon 🙂 To be honest, one of the things I miss most during lockdown is spending the weekends discovering new bars, drinking beers on patios and munching on bar food. Fingers crossed for next spring!

Next year will hopefully be better and me and Isobel can explore some more fantastic pubs again.

Sounds great. I’m looking forward to getting back to places like this sometime, hopefully, in the near future!

I probably won’t be going back to these places until next year, will just have to wait and see what the future holds!

That room really does look the business! But what I really want to know….why’s this swan got 2 necks??

To be fair, I always get the name of the pub confused, I always say to Isobel we should go back to the swan neck with two faces 😂


This pub has such a pretty name! I love how stylish the interior is without being too dark and that burger with all the toppings sounds delicious. I love my meat juicy! 🙂

Sorry for replying so late, that’s the hospitality industry for you! Thanks for commenting yes the place is lovely and we both really enjoyed it, the food was perfect and cooked to perfection 😁

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