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So this is where you’ve been when you’ve come down to Shrewsbury – nice place! The parking is annoying, but there’s a couple of places that are free after 6 for parking if I remember correctly. Shame you didn’t like the beer though x

Haven’t been down since the refurbishment, it’s just expensive and the lack of car parking throughout the day, but it is a beautiful place 😁x

I do like the style of the pub, nobody ever wants a disappointing pint though, and I have to be honest….I’ve never been anywhere near Shrewsbury 😂

Shrewsbury is lovely, just a shame it was expensive , never mind though

I’m now excited about being in a pub anywhere! A big day in England with the pubs opening. In Toronto, we are restricted to outdoor patio only. There are many pubs with no patios and therefore continue to be closed (and may never open again). I’ll be at a patio later today! As always, thanks for the post!

I start back at work today and we are using the patio as the main building is being refurbished, I will go back to the pub just not at the moment, when the time is right I will go 😁

Wow, that is quite a bit of water from that bank burst, but there is almost something pretty about the water.
It is a shame such a picturesque spot where any number of novels could be set had disappointing ale and outrageous prices, but I love honest reviews so thanks for sharing. 🙂

The flooding was terrible, I couldn’t believe how bad it was, the cars were invisible by water, the prices of the pub just really shocked me and when you pay for something which is high value and the quality is not great, it leaves me disappointed sadly!

This place looks awesome! I miss going to pubs

It’s a very nice place, just a shame on this occasion the beer wasn’t that great.

I’ve been out in Shrewsbury a few times but not tried this one….as usual you’ve beaten me to it! Cheers for the recommendation 👍

No problem 😁 You should try it out, but they don’t do any cask ale now sadly and it’s a bit costly!

Yep craft always comes at a premium price!!

Hmm, Shrewsbury is a favourite town to visit, I’ll have to remember to take a look when I’m down there next. Thanks.

It does have some fantastic pubs in all honesty, I’ve been to a couple and they were fantastic 😁

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