Show Off (5.2% ABV)


No idea why, but I’ve never had a Camden beer. Something has just always put me off. I enjoyed the review and their back story, so I’ll be grabbing some at the weekend to give a go!

I say it’s always worth a go trying new products, I know this is classed as a juicy lager, but I do see it as a beer and I really enjoyed it 😁🍻

My favorite parts of your posts are the tidbits of history! It really gives you a fuller picture of the product by understanding more about where it came from.That’s such a cool story that the name was found by an internet search! (and I totally agree, the brewery looks like car dealership at first glance lol)

Aww thank you 😁 I just hope I don’t ramble on to much haha, I know so extraordinary how you start up a business from scratch using the Internet, great beer and a great brewery 🍻

Great post! Very inclusive review with lots of relevant information. The beer sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you and yes it’s definitely a fantastic beer 😁

I love craft beers but it’s only been a recent thing. During lick down I’ve been trying quite a few whilst enjoying my garden. This one looks very appealing and will try it if I see it on sale.

I also love the history to it.

I’ve enjoyed the love of craft beers a lot more through lockdown as well, it’s amazing. Glad you enjoy them 😁

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