The Cooper’s Choice 53.3% ABV


I’m definitely putting this on my list for the weekend

It’s a beautiful whisky, I loved it so much 😁

I learn so much through your blog – thank you. I won’t tell you the only whiskey I am familiar with is Jameson and Fireball. No wait, Bailey’s is too, isn’t it? I tend to drink wine and cider, clearly I need to expand my knowledge!

Jameson’s is a very good Irish Whiskey, sadly Fireball is powerful for me 😂 Baileys is a liqueur rather than a whisky, I do enjoy a baileys at Christmas 😁

I do think of Bailey’s as a liqueur, so that makes sense. Fireball is best mixed. AngryBalls is a good bar drink while shooting pool (Angry Orchard and Fireball). 😁

Another great blend to try. And suited for summer days. Thanks for the recommendation.

Perfect for the summer days, indulge into this beauty whilst sitting around the BBQ! 😁

Great post. Have you done any blog with a wine? I would love to take a look at that too..


I’m just focusing on whisky and beer at the moment, hopefully the more I build up the blog, I will get the chance to add wine into it 😁

Great post. Although I’m not a whiskey drinker, I’d be willing to try a glass of this!

It’s completely worth it, especially on a glorious summers day 😁

This sounds like a splendid whisky! I immediately loved the sound of it based off your review, especially since you included the scent and taste. Smoked apple skins are a delicious thing to smell, and I love that old leather made it onto your list of taste descriptors!

It’s amazing the flavours that are scented off from every whisky I’ve sampled, I couldn’t believe it how good this one was, I was so happy and it was really indulging 😁

Very nice! Not the biggest fan of whisky but I think I’d give this one a try!

It tastes delicious in the summer whilst relaxing on the sun Lounger 😁

I would’ve legit waited until it’s aged 20 years 😀 And a limited edition too! You’re in luck. Thank you for this one.

It’s a beautiful whisky, I’m very lucky to be able to have one 😁

I think whiskey is a masculine drink. Cool post. Great drink.

Thank you, I do love my whisky 😁

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