Camden Pale (4.0% ABV)


Okay that’s a really crazy story about the founder missing his plane and hanging out in the UK for awhile! That was meant to be. I’m usually not a big fan of pale ales but the citrusy part has my attention! I want all the light and refreshing beers I can get during the hot summer 🙂

I know it’s weird how you start up a company from missing an airplane flight 😂 This is definitely a beer I would consider to try in the summer, it’s perfect 😁

Oooh this sounds like an amazing beer, I actually ordered some for my husband from your previous review and he loved them!

Love, Amie ❤️

The Curvaceous Vegan

Omg, I love that your husband is trying some of the beers that I’ve posted about, I hope he enjoyed them as much as I did 😁

It is incredible when you find a Brewery that makes the kind of beer you enjoy with enough passion to bless them! Given that you have been trying beers for so long, I love that you have found one that you love so much.

Given that there are so many different beers available, it is amazing that this one is so unique! I have had pilsner lager but not Camden Pale and, after your review, I want to give it a taste the next chance I get. 🙂

There are so many different beers out in the world! I would love to try them all, but there are too many 😂 this one though just caught my eye and I couldn’t believe the flavours that were being let off, I enjoyed it so much 😁

OK, you’ve convinced me. Off to the supermarket tomorrow so I’ll pick up some of this. Sounds lovely, l

I love the fact I’m convincing my followers to try different beers, please do let me know what you think 😁

I think when I was in the UK I tried this and absolutely loved it! It was about 5 years ago, and I tried lots of ales and beers, but I’m pretty sure I remember this one and it was amazing!!

It’s surprisingly a very good beer and one that I am so glad that I found at my local store, I will be buying more of this very soon.

That’s good 😊

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