The Spread Eagle – Public Bar Review


I’m trying to think if I’ve ever been to the Spread Eagle. I’ve had family live there in the past, and I’m sure I have but I can’t recall an actual visit….perhaps it was the price of the beer made me lightheaded 😂 At least you and your grandad got a good pint out of it. I’d cry if I paid that much for a pint of Carling 🤣

Yep my grandad loves his Bass, so he was very happy 😁 hopefully I’ll be able to go back soon 😊

I liked the Spread Eagle, only been once. But it’s true about the parking, at least I have a little car so that’s fine. The food was excellent though and it’s really nice inside!

Food was very good, shame not much of Sunday dinner was left, but we still had a great time x

This sounds like the most quaint pub ever! I love that pic of the graveyard…I’d be out there wandering with my pint, without question. Thanks.

It is a lovely area and it isn’t to far from where I live 😁

It’s the pricing that keeps me home from Pubs and bars for the most part. Atmosphere can make the price worth it though, especially if the food and drink are good.
Once lock-down is over, I definitely want to go out for burgers and cider.

I am just truly looking forward to getting to the pub once they open back up 😁

This sounds like a lovely pub! And I love how this visit meant so much to your granddad. It’s the little things that really mean a lot. Lovely post 🙂

It’s a lovely pub and my Grandads favourite, we will be coming back her soon when it’s safe 😁

It sounds like a great pub. I love that you included the history of it as well as your review. It’s always interesting to know where a place originated.

This pub has so much history and that’s my particular interest I love about pubs, the story they bring 😁

This immediately makes me think of reading my favorite Miss Marple book and loving the old English characters interacting in the vicarage graveyard or the men from M.C Beaton’s Agatha Raisin making plans over a pint. 🙂 I love the history behind this place!

I’m really glad it refers to a book you have read, this pub is such a lovely place 😁

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