The White Hart – Family Meal Review


This place looks unbelievable, and the history to go with it!

Must be so difficult for partners who have had to stay away from each other, I can’t even imagine it.

It’s a fantastic place, I love it here so much 😁 yes it’s hard very hard and it sucks, but hoping it won’t be to long to go until we are reunited.

Looks like a fantastic place with great food and drink. Another one to get to in the future. Cheers,

It is a fantastic place, I really enjoyed going 😁

I love that you cover the history of the place and talk about the general ambiance. The booths look so pretty with the candles and the muted tones. Sticky toffee pudding sounds delicious . . . 🙂

The dessert was certainly delicious and tasty 😁

Oh wow! I love this post. This hotel looks so amazing! Thanks for sharing all about it. Looks like a great place to visit!

It really is a fantastic place to visit, it’s perfect 😁

So jealous of the historical buildings! We don’t have this in NZ (one of the last if not the last country to be colonized) so we don’t have the amazing buildings etc around that are present in Europe. 🙂 The food looks so good to! Do you seek out historic pubs or just any pubs? I read your review on their brewery too. Sounds like a good place!

They do bring a lot of history, a lot of pubs do to be fair, I try and do a range of different pubs because I can’t drive I’m very restricted but there has been loads I have been to with my partner and friends, which I will be sharing soon

You had a far more entertaining birthday than I did in April. 😆
I really enjoy how thorough your review is. Thank you!

It was a very good birthday 😁 thank you

The restaurant here looks so lovely! I love going to places like this for dinner 🙂 Looks and sounds like you had an absolutely lovely time!

They’re absolutely stunning 😁 yes we all had a fantastic time

Yes this was really busy when we went, good job we booked a table. The Sunday menu was spectacular, just a shame you haven’t been able to try the normal menu. Once this is all over, we’ll have to go back x

Be good to try the normal menu, yes it be good to go back x 😊

This place looks great, I’ll be sure to visit next time I’m in uttoxeterz thanks for sharing!

It’s a beautiful pub/hotel, I really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere was outstanding. 😁

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