Titanic Plum Porter 4.9% ABV – Cask Ale Review


Never had this, but it sounds great. We lived in Burslem for three years over twenty years ago!

It’s a cracking beer, I love it 😁

Wow, I’m surprised they won so many awards, and the gardens are beautiful. I can see why people enjoy visiting there. Thanks for sharing. 😊

Yes the brewery have done very well in terms of awards, Trentham Gardens is completely lovely me and Isobel love it there 😊

Love the idea behind Swalster’s Tapp and Trentham gardens are lovely! Would be good to go back there, plus I quite like the non-alcoholic drinks at the Craft Bar, there’s a raspberry one that tastes amazing x

Would be lovely to go back to Trentham Gardens, the craft bar is amazing, I love it there x

My local has Plum Porter on draught and it’s amazing! How cool that you’ve been to the brewery, I’ve never been to a brewery before but I went for a tour around a sherry bodega in Jerez last year. A trip to a brewery is definitely on my list 🙂 x


Been to many breweries in the past, they are all fantastic 😁

I don’t know if I’ve ever had a plum beer! I love sours and other fruit beers so this one sounds amazing!

Plum porters are gorgeous and very sweet, even though it’s summer, it’s still a fantastic beer to indulge in

If you enjoy Plum Porter then you really must look out for Plum Porter Grand Reserve. It’s Plum Porter pumped up on steroids and takes the standard drink to another level of flavour. It really is in the Premier League of beers. Available from the brewery in bottle form (expensive) and sometimes in mini keg format (slightly less expensive). Also found on draught, if you’re very lucky. The last 2 pubs I found selling it on draught recently, The Crown and Thistle (Kidsgrove) and the Titanic owned Sun (Stafford), both sold out within a day or so.

do any pubs round Shrewsbury have draught plumb porter?

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