Craigellachie 2011 46% ABV (Aged 9 Years)


I’m not a whisky fan myself but I enjoyed reading the history of it!

Never thought I would drink whisky 1 year ago, but I can’t believe it now, I love it 😁

I agree I would definitely have to tuck into this with a vanilla cheesecake 😂 hardly need convincing at the moment haha!

It’s a perfect combo, it balances well together 😁

Great insight about the distillery and the taste of their whiskies and whisky making process. I have only visited Jameson’s distillery before. During this lockdown, I have joined a few virtual whisky tasting events which introduced me to new types as a whisky novice.

I do love my whisky, I think it’s a beautiful drink. Thank you for commenting 😁

What a cool history, I’ve never been to Scotland but the distillery would be such a fun trip! I’m really intrigued by the strawberry aroma, it seems so unique. My biggest question is how to even say “Craigellachie” properly haha thanks for sharing!

To be fair it is very sweet and fruity, when I first came across the name I struggled, I think the more you say it the more you get used to it haha.

This is really interesting, I love reading about history of places

Thank you, I would really like to go to the distillery 😁

It’s clear that this is a great whisky, particularly as you brought yourself a bottle in the shop. I’m not a whisky drinker myself, but the detail that you go into about the history, the flavours, things you would eat it, etc, make this a truly informative post. This is something that will definitely benefit a lot of people who are thinking about trying (or buying) a new whisky. Great post, thanks for sharing x

I never thought a year ago I would be drinking whisky, but when I’m with the luckiest girl ever who’s father has got me into it, I couldn’t resist but sampling it. It’s a beautiful drink and does go well with a cheesecake, I think the whisky industry and the beer industry are huge and will continue to grow as the years go on. X

Sitting around, drinking single malt and writing about, that’s some life you’ve got mate 🤣🤣

It’s been quite some time since I had a good drop of whisky

Love it mate, it’s the life 😁

Loved reading the history of this. So informative. I am a whiskey fan but more bourbon. But my brother in law has slowly started introducing me to scotch whiskeys. This sounds like one I will have to add to the list of to try. Thanks for the review.

Your welcome, it’s a fantastic whisky, I tend to drink less bourbons and focus more on single malts if I can. It’s well worth a try 😁

I’m not a whisky guy although I will have a Jameson every now and then. This whisky sounds delicious. Like the small breweries, these smaller batch distillers have something very special to offer. Thanks for sharing,

I’ve tried Jameson and I do like it to be fair, Craigellachie is a beautiful whisky and completely gorgeous. 😁

I’ve recently started to drink and enjoy Whisky. I love many drinks and really like the history behind them. This is a really good read

Thank you for your comment 😁 it is a glorious drink, I love it 😁

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