The Crewe & Harpur


It’s a shame the food was standard and the service wasn’t anything special. The location of this place is absolutely amazing though, and there is a lot of potential for this to be a really great place. Hopefully when we went it was just an off day, maybe we should give them another chance? Xx

I love where the building is situated, but yes it was those small key factors that lost it on the day. I would give them another go and see if service and food has improved, but I wouldn’t go back straight away. Thanks for commenting xx

Timing is one of the hardest parts of customer service, but it’s so crucial! We don’t want to be bothered and feel like our server is hovering, but there needs to be a steady awareness of refilling drinks, checking in, and food in a timely (even if leisurely) manner.
I wonder what was happening back of the house that night?

Who knows, I completely agree with you, it was probably an off day for them, but it was a shame as well.

Completely agree. If the food is just good, then the service needs to be outstanding.

Such a shame that when a pub promises so much, but just doesn’t quite get it right. I love a country pub, but some just seem to rely on their appearance and setting to get by.

It was a shame, it was just missing that personal touch throughout the night. It has got so much potential, but the service needs to be improved.

55 minutes is a pretty hefty waiting time for pub food! Glad you had a nice day though, regardless 🙂 x

We did have a fantastic day together just a shame on the service of food. Probably just was an off day for them !

It looks like a really charming place, and that bridge is so cool! It’s a shame that the customer service was lacking.

It’s a very beautiful place and I adore the bridge, but yeah just that one thing that let it down sadly 😔

Nice enough boozer and never eaten there. Beer always decent but primarily food nowadays although no surprise with its location.
Good piece…you should try all pubs on A514 from derby through to swadlincote…there’s an eclectic mix 👍🍺

It’s a beautiful place, but it was a shame that personal touch was missing on this occasion, plenty of other pubs to go and explore when it’s safe 😁🍻

It’s a shame the pub didn’t live up to your expectations but reading this has made me miss being able to pop for a drink or a meal at a pub- hopefully soon we’ll be able to again!

It was a massive shame that the service let it down, but in all fairness I think we are all looking forward for the pubs to reopen again 😁

I was getting all excited at the description “red brick riverside hotel”, so it is a pity the service was lacking. Since I have worked in restaurants, I know there are bad days when the only person who shows up to work has never waited a table in her life. All the same, I am glad you and Isobel had a good day!

To be fair Jaya the place is lovely, I also work in the industry and have seen it for myself, it was just a shame on this occasion that personal touch was missing. But me and Isobel still had a great day together 😁

The building and location look stunning! Shame about the service and food but looks like you had fun anyways! Meera-Abroad | Travel, Fashion & Food

Yeah we both had a fantastic day together, it was just that small little factor that was missing sadly.

I am sorry about the lack of service! Great post anyhow.

We still had a fantastic day together, it was just missing that personal touch. 😊

It seems like such a charming place, but if I have to wait almost an hour for food that can be cooked in like 30 mins I’m not sure if this would be my place. But overall it seems like a cute little place to check out!

It’s a beautiful place and has a charming character, just the service let it down on this occasion.

Oooh! Crewe & Harpur looks pretty cool! Wow the bridge has been up for such a long time. It is amazing when architecture is everlasting!! Glad you had a great time out there!

Nancy ♥

We had a great time together, the only thing that let it down was the service, but we might give it another go in the future. 🙂

Such a great looking place. Lots of history there. Too bad the service didn’t match the venue’s charm!

Yes it’s a beautiful place, just a massive shame it wasn’t up to expectation, but it could have been an off day for them which was a shame.

Ah South Derbyshire, my old
Stomping ground 😂 Swarkestone bridge is fascinating, and I absolutely love Calke Abbey.

The Crewe & Harpur has never been the great pub that it really should be, it has everything going for it. It’s probably been 15 years since I last went, and I’ve never heard anything to make me change that. Which is a shame.

I love the area and the bridge. The pub is beautiful and very charming, it was just missing that personal touch though that really let it down annoyingly. 😩

Oh what a shame that the customer service was lacking there. It looks beautiful from all the pictures. But I always appreciate a honest review of a place!

Yes it was a massive shame, but there again it could have been an off day.

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