London Porter 5.0% ABV


Chocolate & liquorice? Hmm interesting

Glad you got to have a nice day with Isobel mate 👍😊

It’s a really nice beer mate, even though it’s summer, it was still fantastic.

Cheers buddy it was a fantastic day 😁

LOve that you found a way to reunite for the birthday celebration. THe beer sounds goo but not for me – I’m a light beer drinker!

There is some fantastic light beers out there 😁 especially the fruity and sweet ones. It was a fantastic time we both really enjoyed seeing each other 😊

This sounds like an interesting combination. Thank you for sharing

Thank you 😁

I’m a total dark beer lover and this sounds like exactly my style with the chocolate and licorice notes!

It really is a stunning beer, I completely love it 😁

I love both licorice and chocolate so, even though I find I like lighter beers more then dark ones, this sounds like something I would try! I love trying new things and maybe even discovering the right beer makes me love something new.

That is a quite a picture of the fermenting vessels, but I think a good beer tastes of the passionate work that went into it, so thanks for sharing! 🙂

It’s come through now Jaya 😂 thanks for commenting, it is a beautiful beer and very sweet, I just love it I can buy it from Sainsbury’s down the road.

🙂 Glad to know it went through! I love sweet beers too, so cannot wait to try.

Ooh sounds interesting! Not a fan of liquorice though haha

It’s one of those flavours that you either like it or hate it haha

Totally agree with you. That is a brilliant beer. And I think you’re right about the contract with Sainsbury’s. They seem to have a few like that.

It is a cracking beer and I’m just really lucky that I can buy it from Sainsbury’s to be honest 😁

I may have to try this, see what I think. Thanks for sharing, I never knew there was so much information about beer to be known. 🙂

I am completely passionate about my beer 😁🍻

Sounds delicious!! Is it 5 pm somewhere? I would love a beer 😉 (lol)

I’ve got one chilling the fridge luckily 😁

I’m jealous 😉 Still 1:30pm around here 😉

Sadly pubs are closed here due to the pandemic, so have to rely on my own beer stash at home 😁

Sounds like a really interesting combo for a beer- might have to give it a try! Have to say I can’t wait for pubs to reopen!

I think we are all looking forward to the pubs re opening to be fair 😁

Sounds like a great beer. Used to enjoy the odd beer before kids, these days more of a whiskey man, may have to give a few beers you have recommended a try.

To be honest I love whisky as well 😁🥃

Yay for being 23! In all seriousness though, this sounds like a great beer. I mean chocolate and spicy liquorice as a flavouring sounds amazing. If I were a beer drinker then this is something that I would be trying. Sounds like Sainsbury’s have some great choices of beer available. Thanks for sharing x

Glad you had a good birthday, it is a beautiful combination, it fits really well, I loved it. Shame they don’t do it on the handpumps though. But the bottle still tastes good x

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