Masterpiece IPA 5.6% ABV


What a great post! And what an amazing sounding beer! How fantastic that this was brewed in your hometown, definitely something to be proud of. Thanks for sharing 😀

Thank you, it’s a fantastic beer which is packed full of flavour. It was really enjoyable 😁

Excellent post. Not one I’ve tried and your review makes it sound well worth it. The tasting notes are reminiscent of a whisky, so that’s always a decent sign!

Thank you so much, this beer was amazing to drink. It was gorgeous! Yes you are right there is similar tasting between beer and whisky.

I really enjoy IPA and love being introduced to new beers when I travel. This beer looks amazing and will definitely want to try this on my next trip to the UK. Thanks for sharing.

Your welcome, there are some amazing IPAs out in the world right now! But this one is totally my favourite.

Very cool historical facts! And yes, it is pretty rad that one piece of barley can be turned into beer. In fact, we named our dog Barley because we love beer! lol… well the color of her fur too 😉

Great post! and new Sub!

Awww what a cute name to call your dog. Who doesn’t love beer! Thank you so much 😁

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