dark arts surreal stout 6.0% ABV – happy Christmas!

dark arts 3

I’ve never tried a stout before but it sounds delicious. My best friend used to live in Huddersfield and was always raving about Magic Rock Brewing. Great review!

I am always partial to a beautiful stout especially this one! It was amazing, and I really need to visit Huddersfield! 😁

Great write up! I finished a stout for the first time ever as part of a tasting last night, so it’s really interesting to read your thoughts on this one. Will definitely need to try it out one day. Thanks for sharing!

I would highly recommend this stout it’s amazing. I do tend to drink stouts more as that’s my favourite style. Have a good Christmas 🎄🍻

Chocolate and licorice and blackberries and figs? This sounds like a complex drink that manages to combine all its flavors without being overwhelming. Surreal is a good word for this one! 😉

Omg it totally is absolutely amazing, the flavours combined together are so gorgeous, it’s unreal! Wishing you a happy Christmas Jaya 😁

Happy holidays to you too!

Hi Luke, It sounds as though you’ve found another winner. Thanks for the great write-up. A couple of questions:
1. What will you be drinking with your Christmas meal?
2. What will you be drinking after your Christmas meal?

Well where do I start, I’ve got a couple of stouts to try over Christmas, but I’ve got a beautiful bottle of Malbec to look forward to.

After my meal I will have to crack open a sherried whisky which is perfect for this time of year! 😁🎄

Have a fantastic Christmas. 😁

I love licorice flavors in my tea, so I may like this one! Have a great holiday!

Lashes of flavour comes out of this beer, it’s why I love it so much 😁 Happy Christmas

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