Disco Forklift Truck (Mango Pale Ale) 5.1% ABV


Another one that’s a bit of a favourite, this one. As you say, lovely and crisp.

A beautiful summer drink to indulge into 😁

The brewery sounds pretty cool. You had me at “mango”. I’m not a big beer drinker but I do love me some mango! 😃

It looks like a beer, but it taste like mango juice it’s beautiful 😁

I really enjoy fruity beers and think I would like a mango pale ale! It sounds perfect for summertime. I also would be likely to purchase this based off of the can design, and the name is so unique and fun too

The can is so classy and artistic and it’s definitely a fantastic beer 😁

Ooooh! It is so cool to learn about the Disco Forklift Truck! I haven’t had beer in forever. Pretty cool to see all of these different brewing companies. You can never go wrong with checking out a brewery. It’s been a while since I had mango beer. Glad you enjoyed it!

Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

It was a fantastic beer, I really enjoyed it 😁

Oh man. This looks like an amazing beer. Definitely one that I would enjoy. I love any beer that has a mango or grapefruit flavor in it so this one is right up my alley!

A beautiful beer for a perfect summers day 😁 I love it so much

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