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AM/PM 4.5% ABV

Happy Hump Day to you all, I really hope you’re having a fantastic week so far, it’s crazy to think that it’s nearly the weekend. You may well remember a couple of weeks ago I did a post on Thornbridge Brewery if you want to check out this post just click here:

Salty Kiss 4.1% ABV

Happy Friday to you all, another week has swiftly gone by and we can proudly say it’s nearly the weekend! However, I am also feeling sad but relieved at the same time as I was meant to be going on holiday in a weeks time to Spain, but because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, our holiday …

Disco Forklift Truck (Mango Pale Ale) 5.1% ABV

Woooo hoooo, it’s Friday, I hope you’ve all had a splendid week, I can’t believe how warm it has been, perfect weather to try a couple of beers whilst chilling in the deck chair in the garden. Furthermore, with today’s post, you will certainly want to indulge into this whilst sitting outside in the sun, …