Port Charlotte – Islay Barley 2011


Wow the area around the distillery looks so beautiful! Adding this to the wish list whenever we travel to Scotland😂 I’d love to sample this whiskey since it comes so highly recommended. Thanks for sharing!!

It certainly is a beautiful area that it’s surrounded by, utterly gorgeous whisky

Ha…whiskey’s have history and geography…

I wish to have two on a rainy day evening

Two would be good on a rainy day to be fair 😁

I love that so much care goes into the crafting of this whiskey, and that water from the Isle itself is used. Your description of the taste being as good as the aromas really resonated with me, as I love both caramel and tropical fruits. 🙂

It’s an absolute fantastic whisky, the aromas are gorgeous. I think I might have one now haha

Another one to add to the list! I’m bearing the end of a bottle of Balvenie Doublewood, so I’m due a treat though!

I’ve never actually tried Balvenie before, is it a good whisky.

It’s very nice. I got it as a present – I don’t think I’d want to pay the money for a bottle myself!

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