Ex Bourbon – Bimber Distillery -51.8% ABV


Sounds bloody lovely!

It certainly was 😁🥃

Great post as always 👍 I’m not so keen on the spiced flavours either, though it can be nice done right.

Cheers buddy, yeah the water helped in the end, but all in all I was happy with it 🥃

Sounds so good! Great post!

Thank you, it really was 😁

I love the smell of a distillery! A virtual whiskey festival sounds like so much fun – lovely post!

Yes it was very good fun, really enjoyed it 😁

Sounds like the virtual whisky festival was a success (and it’s great that you got to try different whiskies as well). It’s good that you still enjoyed this particular one even if you aren’t a fan of spiciness. Nice review though – thanks for sharing x

Yes it was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it, yes the spiciness did give it a bit of a kick, but I enjoyed it x

Nice blog 💕

Thank You, I really appreciate your comments

My pleasure 🤗

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