Titanic Brewery


They’ve got some funky flavours going on here, I might have to be boring and stick with the IPA 😂

What about the Grand Reserve 😁

I’d give it a try if offered m, I’m not very adventurous with my beer, I’ve tried a couple in the past and didn’t like them, and I’m far too tight so spend a few quid on something that I potentially won’t like 😂

I have also nominated you for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award! Hope you don’t mind 😊 Details at https://daddoesautism.com/ideal-inspiration-blogger-award/

Thank you so much Adam, I wasn’t expecting that 😁

Sounds like fun!

It’s a fantastic brewery, one of my many favourites 😁

Plum Porter Grand sounds delicious! Great post! Have a lovely weekend.

Trust me on this, it’s beautiful 😁

I wish I could try it 😉

Having lived in Burslem I knew of Titanic, but never knew how many amazing sounding beers they now have. Might have to investigate an order!

They’ve got a massive list 😁 I like your thinking there of ordering some beer, might have to do this myself 🍻

Oh what a fun brewery! If I’m ever in that area, I will definitely have to check that out! Thanks so much for sharing!

Thank you, and you’re welcome.

Plum Porter sounds like such an interesting flavor, but I love the vast range of different beers this brewery offers. Though I realize the name of this brewery has nothing to do with the sunken ship, I still love the name. It is amazing how big it is, but I love that it still retains its quality.

Plum porter is gorgeous, it’s a fantastic brewery. Thanks for commenting 😁

This brewery sounds amazing! I can imagine all the flavours would be delicious!

There are some fantastic beers, plum porter is my favourite from this brewery.

They’ve certainly grown since the days where the beer was brewed behind the Travellers Rest pub in Middleport.
There’s a couple of nice beers missing off the list above. Cherry Dark, and the powerful winter warmer, Wreckage, which, from memory, has been brewed pretty much from the very beginning. Wreckage lives up to its name, it’s strong stuff. It’s seasonal only and you can buy it in 33cl bottles from the brewery or in draught form from any of the Titanic owned pubs.

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